Monday, 24 September 2012

Year 8 camp

Wow, what fun that was!

The day started off a bit rainy, so we were really glad that we had changed the programme so that we were doing the outdoor activities on Friday.

Everyone arrived with their sleeping gear and dumped it in R16.

The first activity was to have a brush up on The 7 habits of highly effective teens ( by Sean Covey ). After watching a you tube clip, in groups we had to match up the habits with quotes and definitions. That was a bit tricky!

Then it was a quick morning tea, and off to the hall to meet up with Jason and Mike from Full On. They began their time with us with a couple of fun energisers and then we settled down to look at the first 3 habits with them. We did lots of fun team activities to promote setting goals, team work, and to not being put off trying things by worrying about making mistakes. The activities were great fun. Going throught the maze was tricky and trying to get the fastest time throwing the koosh ball was fun.

Next it was time for lunch which we ate with the rest of the school.

After lunch we got into random groups, and participated in a fun rotation of activities. Each teacher had a challenge which needed a lot of group work to accomplish. Some of the activities were quite difficult but they were all really good fun to try and complete.

Once we had had afternoon tea we sorted out the sleeping arrangements, with the boys being in the staffroom and the girls taking over the library. There was some down time when people played touch (there was always a touch game on the go!), used the technology gadgets, or hung out in the hall.

Dinner was delicious! Pizza, yummy! And for dessert it was ice cream sandwiches, equally scrumptious!

Soon after dinner we got sorted with togs and headed off to Pioneer Stadium. It was great fun swimming, especially at night. Poor Anna W didn't have so much fun at the end. Her bleeding nose wouldn't stop pouring blood, which was a bit sad!

It was back to school, supper, cleaning teeth and off to bed.

The next morning it was a quick wake up, off to breakfast in the staffroom and then packing everything back into R16.

It was a much nicer day weatherwise, so we were very hapy that we had changed the activities around. We jumped in the bus (eventually) and headed off to Spencer Park. The group was divided into two. One group went with Mrs Inwood and miss Harris for a scavenger hunt. The activity involved searching through the forest,finding the location of nine photos. At the location was a puzzle piece. Once 9 puzzle pieces were collected it was back to miss Harris to make the puzzle and claim the prize, a magnum!!  Ms Dunlop and Mr
Rodger did some really cool team building activities using the adventure playground.

Lunch was a barbecue - sausages and hash browns, along with a lot of yummy baking and fruit. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing touch, socialising, playing on the playground and just generally chilling out with friends.

We got back to school a little after 3pm, very tired and happy. It was thena matter of picking up all gear and heading home for a good night's sleep.

What a great adventure it was! A good time was had by all!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Some of our poetry

My Family
My Dad is very mean
but he isnt that lean

My brother is a pain
and hes slightly insane.

My Mum hates to run
but she loves the sun.

This is a couplet
By Annalise

Jill and Bill
There once was a kid called bill
He had a friend called jill
They played al day
Keeeping out of the way

this is a clerihew
by Gabe

The zombie turned his burst open head.

He left the corpse, turned to me instead.

His voice was a screech, he knew no grammar.

He got to close so I hit him with a hammer.

By Ties.
This is a quatrain.

Olympics and 2 o'clock fruit

The whole class has been avidly following the Olympics and how well New Zealand has been doing. We have also been keeping our eye on China, as we were given the Chinese flag at the Beckenham School opening ceremony to support the country throughout the Olympics. The students have found out lots of interesting facts, and enjoyed reading the NIE newspaper on the Olympics that I ordered. We have followed with interest the Valerie Adams story.  What a fabulous sporting event it has been.

At 2 o'clock (most days - there is usually an enthusiastic reminder) we have a fruit break. The students are allowed to have a piece of fruit at this time to boost their energy levels. Usually, it's not a break at all, and the fruit is eaten whilst working. This is an intiative that was prompted by the children. One day a student mentioned that she was hungry as she hadn't had much time to eat her lunch, and it grew from there. The children are often very busy in their lunch hour, as they have many responsibilities - duties, sports trainings, drama/music rehearsals. So this gives them an opportunity to refuel to last them through to the end of the day, and it is working well.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Term 3 Week 5

Gosh, good weather for ducks!! Please take heed of the advice about wearing gumboots to school, and bringing slippers, extra socks and long pants. A waterproof jacket is also essential. I must say, Room 17 did a very good job of keeping dry and warm by taking shoes off inside, and not tearing around outside in the rain and puddles. It's hard being cooped inside all day, but that's just how it goes when it doesn't stop raining! It's also a good idea to bring a game, book or activity to school to do during the break periods.

Room 17 chose the home learning this week, so I am expecting big things! What could be more fun than inventing your own country!! I know my country would be an island with palm trees, golden beaches, temperature always in the 20s, always sunny.......

We are finishing off our poetry anthologies this week. I anticipate that you will be stunned by the effort the students have put into their poetry writing. I look forward to seeing their books all bound and looking fab.

Adoption of Orana Park animals

As part of the Endangered Species topic in Term 2, some students in Room 17 decided that a way of helping would be to raise money, and use this to adopt an animal at Orana Park.

Anna Joughin, Anna Williams, Beth Elliot and Gabe Gray chose to run a school wide mufti day in order to raise money to adopt an oryx at Orana Park. The girls raised $439.30 which meant that their donation was at a platinum level.

Shilo Kearney, Phoebe Kerr, Martina Hillman and Alyssa Palmer decided to make and sell cup cakes. They did a fabulous job, and raised $183.50 which meant that their adoption of an otter was at silver level.

The two groups of girls did a fabulous job of organising themselves, and writing a letter donating the money to Orana Park. For their efforts, they received note cards, passes to the park and a lovely certificate.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Term 3

Wow, half the year has gone by already! It's all downhill from here! It's a long term, with there being 11 weeks in this term, and no breaks. I hope you are managing to avoid all of the yucky germs that are floating around at the moment.

Welcome to Charissa Brown who has started in R17 this term. Charissa is in year 8 and comes to us from Rudolph Steiner to join her little sister at Beckenham School. A warm welcome to you and your family, Charissa.

I have written a comprehensive newsletter outlining the plan for the term. There is lots happening, so just as well we have another 10 weeks in which to get it all done. The big things are the preparations for the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream ( to be held in T4) and the Year 8 leadership camp at the end of the term.

I have posted some photos on the photo page (funnily enough).

The endangered species unit last term was a huge success. It was interesting and the children produced the most amazing presentations. Hopefully you got to view these in the hall and the end of the term. The class also did a very good job of doing something about what they had learnt. There are bird feeders hung around the school, swan plants will be planted in October, an oryx and an otter will be adopted at Orana Park and our environment has been cleaned up.

Thank you to all of the parents who popped in to see me during the three way learning conferences. It's lovely to catch up to be able to share what your child has been doing at school.

We had a fun last day of the term, teaming up with our buddy class to make popcorn and play with the play dough we had made.

We           We look forward to having a lot more fun this term!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Things that are coming up this term

Starting next week we have a student teacher. This will be Scott Miller's first teaching placement, so we are looking forward to showing him how cool Beckenham School is, and how much fun we have learning in R17! Scott is coming to visit us on Friday, so we will be giving him a warm welcome.

Week 10 is a busy week for us. As I mentioned earlier, the Science Fair will be held in the school hall, and that is where you will find the Year 7 and 8 Endangered Species presentations. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be holding learning conversations, specifically aimed at discussing the mid year reports which will be handed out at that time. And again, as I mentioned earlier, we will be aiming to complete our 'doing' part of our Endangered Species unit. We will be ready for a holiday, that's for sure!

The students have begun reading a novel for reading, with a focus of self monitoring. For writing, we are looking at information reports, and the class is up to writing their own information report on their chosen species. For Arts Interchange this week R17 will be going to Nicky Dunlop for visual art. The rotation lasts 2 weeks, and then for the last 2 weeks the class will be acting with Megan Harris. Our PE topic for the rest of the term is invasion games, and we are beginning to look at netball.

I think that's about it. I have heaps of photos so will make a separate page for them. As always, my door is open (well lately it's been closed due to the weather, but, metaphorically...) so if you'd like to pop in, please feel free, or send me an email. It's great to keep in contact.